The Hebrew Order of David International Jewish Men’s fraternity (HOD) has initiated a fundraising campaign with the Birthright Israel Foundation to send busloads of young Jewish participants aged 18-26 on a life changing Birthright Israel trip to Israel. A busload of forty young adults will cost $180,000.  On a recent video call with all the North American HOD Lodge leadership, the campaign was enthusiastically received.  It was agreed that this would be a worthy fundraising project for HOD across the United States and Canada. 

Birthright Israel has an urgent need for funding. Birthright Israel has sent an incredible number of young Jews to Israel over the years;  over 800,000 young people from 68 countries around the world!  The Birthright Israel Foundation is investing in the Jewish people by sending wonderful young people on an educational trip to Israel.   On returning from this trip, the participants become leaders in their Jewish communities, feel a strong connection to Israel and are far more likely to marry within the Jewish faith and have the confidence and understanding to counter the unfortunate anti-Israel propaganda, such as BDS that they see on college campuses and across social media.  The trip is truly a life-changing event!  Many were not able to make the trip during Covid. Now there is a large backlog of young people waiting to go on the trip and due to inflation, costs have gone up 30% per participant.  Demand remains high as there were 32,000 applicants for 12,000 North American spots for this winter round, leaving 20,000 hopeful applicants behind. 

The email and social media campaigns involve the large number of Hebrew Order of David Brethren across North America, to reach out to family, friends, business associates and the community.

The campaign will stay open and active for at least two weeks, beginning mid-April.

To donate to this worthwhile campaign, or to learn more about it, visit:

Birthright Israel Foundation is listed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Birthright Israel donations are tax deductible in Canada: Charitable No. 879358612 RR0001.