Your Participation

All members receive a monthly Newsletter, keeping them fully informed of current activities as well as advising of future programs. Whilst the commitment in terms of responsibilities and time is at the total discretion of any member, the opportunity to progress through the Management of the Lodge is open to all brethren without limit.

HOD is a people’s organization, concerned both with its membership and the wider community. It is available in times of hardship as well as times of celebration. Friendships and close personal relationship between brethren and their respective families is of paramount importance to the Order. Each member chooses his own commitment in Lodge, using existing activities or offering to initiate and promote and activity. Some members choose to do more than come to monthly meetings, others to participate in social or sporting activities as their contribution to the Lodge. The more members participate in Lodge activities, the more they will derive from their efforts.

Members of the Hebrew Order of David International can be personally fulfilling. It also provides the opportunity to meet brethren in Lodges worldwide.

Entry to HOD is formalized by a simple initiation ceremony which takes place once your proposal for membership has been approved.

There are no compromising or embarrassing situations. Once the initiation is complete, members participate fully in the Lodge meetings.

Lodge meetings are semi-formal and efficiently run, with a buffet table (Table Lodge) at the end where all members are encouraged to mix informally. New Brethren are particularly made welcome and encouraged to integrate in Lodge activities.

At each attendance, new brethren will be asked to light one of seven candles. After seven attendance, full membership is achieved and members are eligible to serve on the Management Committee.

The strength of a Lodge and its growth rests on a strong social participation, so that brethren, often with their wives, can socialize in an informal atmosphere as they choose. A range of activities are available, including:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Barbecues
  • Picnics
  • Theater Outings.

By way of example, the HOD in London is involved in a project to provide a Bar Mitzvah for Jewish boys in Britain who, because of their circumstances, would not otherwise be able to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah at all.

Closer to home, the Atlanta Lodges organize an annual Kosher BBQ Competition which is attended by up to 4,000 people. 50 members of lodges volunteer their time to stage this function, the proceeds of which are donated to various local charities.

The Houston Lodges have undertaken a project to provide a headstone for every grave in the Houston Jewish cemeteries that lack one.

Our wives and Partners

Whilst HOD is a men’s organization, its members need the moral support of their wives and partners. Our monthly newsletters are also addressed to wives, openly describing our activities and eliminating the concept of secrecy. Without the support of their wives, most members would not be able to participate in the events and meetings we organize.

Wives are involved in all social activities of the lodge and have established activities, such as Book Clubs, Card games, etc.

A strong and supportive women’s group is key to the strength of the organization.