To become a member of the Hebrew Order of David International, one should be invited by an existing member.  To be invited, an existing member must propose your name to the Membership Committee of a Lodge, normally the Lodge of the member making the proposal.

Once your name has been put forward to this committee as a potential member, your name is circulated throughout all the Lodges in the world to determine whether there are any objections to this individually being considered for membership.

If there are any objections, the Membership Committee reviews the objections and determines whether the objections give grounds to decline the application. The Committee would then notify the inviting member of the Memberships Committee’s  decision.

If there are no valid objections, the invitee is asked to attend an informal membership coffee meeting at which he is informed of the process of becoming a member.

Soon thereafter, the individual is invited to attend a formal Initiation Ceremony, at which time he is initiated as a Brother of the Order.

What if there is no Lodge in the city or area that you live?

The Hebrew Order of David International is always looking to broaden its horizons and welcomes inquiries from anywhere in the world.  Please contact us to express your interest.

Once we receive an interest or an inquiry  from someone in a city in which there is no current Lodge active, our Governing Lodge will investigate the viability of forming a Lodge in that area or city  and having determined a genuine interest, would proceed with the process of the formation of a new Lodge.